Expert Group on E-Banking Security

Latest Updates:

  • 23-June-2012: Banks have succeeded in removing my account from Vimeo has deleted my account without informing me. You can watch video from page. 
  • “Expert Group on E-Banking Security” has given live demo to RBI(Reserve Bank of India)
  • “Expert Group on E-Banking Security” has given recorded demo and discussion DVD to CERT-IN Head personally
  • FIR registered in police station against HSBC Bank for sending people to my residence

Last two months I have published three bank videos of Man in Browser / Man in Middle attacks. You can access these videos in following links:

Couple of banking Trojans including Zeus Trojan is available in wild for last couple of years for many banks outside India, many variants of this Trojan is also available. You don’t need expert to develop these types of Trojans; skilled programmer can do it easily.

In internet, identity of a person is always problem, once fraud happens, it is very hard to track the money and recover. Banks need to understand the nature of internet while exposing customer money via internet and take “preventive” step in all possible levels using both technology and non-technology methods.

Publishing these videos is done with good intension; banks need to take step in right direction in protecting online banking customers. Banks should have a right technical team of security experts to probe these problems in systems, before black hat hacker exploits it; this initiative prevents lot of frauds. has constituted an “Expert Group on E-Banking Security“. I have give demo to this group to initiate discussions to take it next logical step. Mr. Na. Vijayashankar is convener of this group. You can keep in touch with him for discussion about these videos:

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  • Thanks for that important information and demo. It’s necessary inform to users about this knowledge of security tactics. I’ll write an articule about this topic, referencing your videos.
    Best regards.