Positive and Negative force

World is a mixture of positive and negative force. Each of these forces will always try to dominate each other and they will do anything to win the game. Although, no force can win any game completely, it is only a temporary. Living beings, especially human beings can identify the positive and negative force and they can try to use any of these force based on their will power.

Victory of these forces is always depends how many people uses themselves these forces in this world. These forces always try to utilize the living beings to achieve victory on each other. If a living being thinks positively, positive force will help them to achieve the task, if living being thinks negatively; negative force will help them to achieve the task. Choosing these forces purely depends on individual will power.

Each time you think positive, it is like collecting 1 unit of positive energy from the nature. Each time you think negative, it is like you are collecting 1 unit of negative energy from the nature. At any given point of the time, you can identify how much energy and what type of energy you have accumulated so far. If you feeling fear about many thing, that means you have accumulated more negative energy . If you have a good feeling about many thing, that means you have accumulated more positive energy. Negative energy will tempt you in various ways to impress and making your life more misery. In fact, negative energy looks more attractive than positive energy.

Assume, you have a family of a few people and if that family has to be happy, minimum 75% (approx.) should think positively and in turn you can bring happiness in a family. Even, if one in a family thinking negative, he can get enough confidence to think positively from rest of the people.

“Real problems exists in this world is less % for human beings, most % of the problems is created due to negative thinking and only by changing the way of thinking, can stop giving birth for more problems”

We face most of the problems not because problem existed, instead of our own negative thinking and our thinking is such a powerful, it will bring thoughts into existence. Due to your own negative thinking, you have given birth to so many problems which you are facing today. If you decide to think positive by using your will power, you can give birth to positive things in life. If you are a person who are used to think positive, you will tend to think positive, otherwise negative. It depends entirely on your habit of thinking.

As a living being, you can attract whatever force you want. If you are a positive person, you attract more positive energy and negative energy if you are negative person. These forces are happy to help you always, when you need them. You attract bad people in your life not because they want you; instead your negative energy always likes to team up with other negative minded people to win the overall game in the nature. Same thing happens for a positive too, all positive people will try to team up and in turn positive force in this nature will succeed. It is only a matter of how many people choose negative or positive force in this world.

If a person want to change some of his/her attitude, if he starts thinking in a positive way that he is going to correct the way he want, he can do so. This needs lot of patience in training his mind to think positive way about this specific attitude and more he does, after some time he will have lot of positive energy to implement it successful. This positive energy % should increase higher than the negative energy then only you can achieve whatever you need in life. Earlier you had an attitude due to thinking of negative way and you accumulated lot of negative energy, to defeat the negative within you, you start accumulating the positive energy by thinking positive about your specific attitude and their change. One of the way to increase the positive energy is, visualize the end result of a task you have taken for changing the attitude, more you do on daily basis, more energy you will accumulate it. To win a game within you, you just need to have higher % of positive energy.

Once you win the game, don’t think you won it for life, it’s not true. The moment you start accumulating negative energy, and the % beats the positive energy within you, you will start facing same old problem or new problem. You need to be aware to think positive most of the time. Due to tough situations in life we might force to think negative, once you think that situation can calm down, you again re-initiate to think in positive. Maintain minimum 75% of positive energy within you always.

If a person is facing lot of problem in life, he might think about people around him/her negative, this is only a victory for negative energy, unless there is someone to explain him/her to think positive, he/she will always face the misery in life. This type of person will attract more bad people and bad environment and it will make this person to think whole world is bad. Only constant increase of knowledge about life and people help can make some person to think positive.

Every modern things we use in daily life today was a thought and it was intangible once upon a time, inventors thought was so powerful and they brought all these good and bad things we use for existence. If a person has confidence about his/her thought and work towards to bring it to existence, you can see the result for sure. During thinking positively, if you get a negative thought about the idea and if you allow this negative thought to become stronger, the idea you have in mind will die and it will never see the light of a day.

At the end of the day, if you feel happy that means you’re thinking at least 75% positive in that whole day and if you are not happy, you are thinking more % negative. Each day you need to have a goal to be happy at the end of the day, this will make in a year more % of the days to be happy, few % days if you are unhappy for whatever situations, still acceptable.

“Destiny is largely depends on the way person thinks and take decisions on each day. Positive thinking helps person to go in right direction.”

  • Jeffrey Bethea

    Yash, you wrote- Living beings, especially human beings can
    identify the positive and negative force, my question is, is there any other being which is not humanoid that has the ability to identify
    the positive and negative force? To
    my understanding of how things work, I would say we need to focus on the here
    and now versus what we think exist. For example you have a (idea) that is based
    on a thought, you have (reality) that is based on what is happening in the form
    of the physical and you have the unknown of a (belief) which is based on the
    spiritual. I wrote:

    the beginning of the Positive and Negative

    By Jeffrey Bethea

    The Positive is (true and false) it will be known as the
    true in reference to the opposite of the false or in (probability), it will be
    the probability of a certain event happening which is based on the factor of 1.
    The Negative is also (true and false) it will be known as the false in
    reference to the opposite to the true or in (probability), it will the
    probability of an impossible event ever happening which is based on the factor
    of 0.

    Being that the false is (opposite) of the (true) and the
    true is positive which is a factor of 1 and the (false) is the opposite of true
    which is the impossible event happening, (negative) equaling the factor of 0.
    These two forces are equal forces in nature having the (probability) of a
    certainty of happening and or the impossible event ever happening, this
    equation would be the probability (0=1).

    Logic would say they both could not be true and false at the
    same time or occupy the same space-time without annihilating each other, the
    question should be how is this possible if you have 1 in which is a certain
    event of surely happening and you than have 0 in the event that is impossible
    of ever happening be the same? The only conclusion to this equation would be
    that they are both true and equal but opposite of each other. If you have the
    positive which is true based on the factor of 1 and the opposite to the true
    which is false be the negative, now the negative represents the impossible
    which is a factor of 0, both are true and false which would make them equal but
    opposite of each other.

    Since the electron and proton have equal but opposite unit
    charges, the charge of an ion is always expressed as a whole number of unit
    charges and is either positive or negative.

    Atoms, all substances
    are composed of tiny particles called atom, each a positively charged nucleus
    around which orbit negative electrons. Electrons
    determine the chemical behavior of atoms, electrons orbit the nucleus of an
    atom; the closer an electron’s orbit to the nucleus, the lower its energy

    Chemical bonds hold molecules together, ionic bonds form
    crystals, atoms are linked together into molecules, joined by chemical bonds
    that result from forces like the
    attraction of opposite charges or the sharing of electrons.

  • K-Loe Black

    thank you all. Jeffrey Bethea, while I began to read your commends my heart warmed. I will mediate on this principle capture in the way the nature of things work.