Mutual benefit

We always want to take help from others. We forget to help others in return in whatever form it is possible. Only if we help in return, it will be balanced. This help can be of the same type or of other type but, other person should get positive benefit from your help. We are in a hurry always to get help from others, but, we are lazy or we take less interest in helping people in return.

If you notice the various types of interactions you have, such as:

  1. You and your spouse: This is an important one and there are several books on it. In short, do not take it for granted. You need to take help from him/her and you also need to help him/her when they need it. Unless there is some understanding you cannot support mutually. We do not study about men/women and then get married rather it is vice versa, obviously there would be more problems. Remember, we study for around 15 years to get a job and still we fail in many ways to be successful in the job.
  2. You and your Kid’s: Just because they are your children, doesn’t mean you own them. Nature owns everyone and everything. You need to maintain a balanced relationship. If you react badly now, they will react at a later stage when you don’t have the ability or energy in life. If You help the kids today to grow good in the right direction, then they will return it back to you when you are in need.
  3. You and your Parents: Remember, This is not replaceable. You can replace may be many things in life except this. At the same time, till you become a parent, you will never really understand them. There will be always a huge gap in understanding your parents. Since, we have your own style of thinking and they have their own style of thinking, there is the generation gap always. If you fail to understand them by not putting enough effort, you might do more mistakes than you would expect. They are more tolerable, doesn’t mean that you take them for granted. Instead try to take care of them, understand them. Its not easy, but it is your duty.
  4. You and your Boss: He guides you to become something good in life, he extracts your talent and it largely depends on the kind of person your boss is. Not all Bosses’ are good. Each one in business will have at least one boss. If you do not give what your boss wants and if he/she don’t give what u want, then this relationship will not continue for long. Often Boss takes you for granted, which is not good.
  5. You and your Team member: There will be always competition among team members, some are co-operative, but most are not. This may result in project failure and overall team failure. Most of the time, projects fail due to people-factors. You need to make your team member trust you and vice versa or else this relationship will not continue for long.
  6. You and your Friend: Without friends you can’t spend time in life, everyone in this world will have some friends, some might have more, and some might have less. Most of the time we take them for granted. We do not think in their angle and that makes him frustrated about you. We use friendship for single sided benefit and not for mutual purpose. In this way we are going to lose friends. Remember, everyone knows the taste of losing friends in life. The More you think single-sided, the more you lose.

You always need to keep a track of how many people have helped you, and how many times you helped them back in some way. If the benefit is not balanced, and if you see that u are just getting help from the other person, you need to try to search out how to help that person in some way or the other. Else due to too much un-balance, you may lose that person and vice versa.

“Balance is the key in life, to balance successfully you need to know two extreme edges”