Loosing Job

When you hear from your manager that you got fired, you will land immediately in No-Where state and start thinking about dependents, about financial status, about future, and about social status in society with tension. You will not know what to do. You don’t know whom to ask for help in searching another job, you don’t know how your dependents might react, you don’t know what kind of respect you are going to get from friends and colleagues. Only tension and confusion is filled in your mind.

During crisis time, you need to go alone to some place and think about your next step. First step to solve crisis is to accept the fact that you are in problem and need a solution; only peaceful mind can bring the solution to crisis. Realizing this, you need to bring your mind under your control before planning out further actions. Loosing job is not same as death; it is just a phase you need to go through for your past mistakes. Speak to friends and family to get moral support, they might not help you in getting job, but get at least the moral support.

Speaking to your friends or colleagues who are in your domain, will help to gather different suggestions. You cannot really depend on others in getting the job; rather you need to get a job with little help from friends and colleagues. This will also give you opportunity to test your ability to manage the crisis and how you will handle the failure. Celebrating success is easy, compare to celebrating the failure. Managing failures will really test the mettle of you. Since, it is going to give you tremendous confidence after handling crisis, it is good for you to be calm and try to solve your crisis.

If you think that, your known-people will help you during crisis, you need to ask yourself questions:

How many times did you help people who are known closely to you? Isn’t it you had N reasons for not helping him like: No time to help him, You don’t like him, He stays far from you and other reasons. Similarly even others will have the same kind of reasons when you landed up in crisis.

There are chances someone who is known to you (but, may not be very close to you) might help. You can re-call all the people both close friends or little known who might help you in whatever possible way in searching job. People whom you don’t know much might even lend a support to you and they will be more frank compare to close friends to give you feedback about your profile and your knowledge, this feedback might help you to prepare well for interview. Any sort of help provided by anyone during the crisis you should remember them always and help others who are in need.

One of the primary task you need to do is re-write the whole resume, adding up few more lines to older resume is like doing some patch work to old resume. In this process of re-writing resume, you will get chance to re-think complete work you have done in all previous company. Represent all your skills in resume, often most fails in doing the same. Before preparing for interview you need to know very well about your own resume, re-read aloud your resume to fine tune it clearly. After you are satisfied you send the resume to all your friends, consultants and upload in job portals.

Preparation for interview should start from reading the resume, list out all the questions you might ask by looking at this resume and note down the same. You don’t have to think if the question is good or bad, note down question you get to mind. Write down all the answers for each of this question and verify if those are correct with references. Download few question papers available in Internet, answer these questions too. If you can do this much preparation you are ready to attend a few interviews. During preparation for interview, you must maintain confidence that you will get a job soon; if you are dull mentally speak to close friends who can motivate you.

If you have a friend or a senior who can take a mock up interview for you, it will help you to practice a lot, which gives very good confidence during real interviews. During interview you should not feel bad about yourself for getting fired, it does not really matter if you got fired or not, what matters in interview is if you can answer the questions of interviewer or not. Rest of the feelings you need to keep away during interview.  Even if you fail any interview, you can still continue mock up interview, discussion with a technical friend. If you are doing practice continuously, you don’t have to really fear about not getting job.

Once you get a job, your tension will relieved a bit. Now, you will decide to work better and increase your knowledge constantly, since, you experienced the pain. You will be happy that you got fired from the previous company for your own good. Most of the time, after getting fired and then getting a new job, your positive energy level will be high and you will do best, in fact you will know your true potential once you solve the crisis.

Now, you need to ask question yourself: Why I got fired?

There are various reasons why you got fired from company, could be one or more of the following:

  1. Your boss hired you without knowing the proper requirements. You are not responsible; this is your boss problem.
  2. Your boss hired you because he didn’t get the required talent in the market and he hoped that you will get better after some time but, at a later stage, they were not satisfied with your work. You are fully responsible.
  3. Your boss doesn’t like you. You are not responsible for this action; it’s good to stay away from a bad boss. This typically shows that boss has used his little power.
  4. Your boss hired you because they had some specific project for your skill set, now after project is finished or project is in a stagnant stage, they don’t know what to do with you. You are partially responsible, since you are not flexible enough to learn something new and join other projects.
  5. If there is any management change, and if the new management feels that there should be some changes company-wide, then they will fire some people to cut the cost and may be they don’t need so many people for what they plan to do. You are fully responsible, why didn’t you try to be in the good ones’ list?
  6. Your boss got fired and subsequently you followed the suit. You are partially responsible.

Constantly study and update your skill sets. Check what is happening around you and in the market related to your domain.

“Remember, when you are in problem only your knowledge is with you and it will always help you. Doesn’t matter whether your parents, friends, and other people help you or not. So, update your knowledge always, without being lazy. Knowledge stays with you always wherever you go”

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