Fresher’s – Guidelines to search job

One of the major difficulties for most fresh graduates is that, they will not have much idea about the IT industry and this will create lot of confusion in the mind of candidate.

Think positive: After wasting lot of time in college life without much study, you might start thinking that you are not talented and you might feel that you will not get a job. This is wrong way of thinking without knowing your own potential. You just need to do some homework. You may not get a job instantly but, you will get at least after few months of preparation.

Know your strengths and weaknesses: You need to sit down and assess what technology you know and what you don’t know. This analysis is very much required. Once you have more clarity on this, you can plan further to search the job. Note down everything you know on Paper.

Preparing for interview: After assessing yourself, there might be some technology which you are not familiar with. You need to start studying all the topics you listed and have more discussions with friends and with people who are working in companies. Use more newsgroups, mail lists for all kinds of technical discussions. This will enhance your confidence about technology.

Know your profile: Whatever you mention in your profile (or resume), you must know everything. Spend some time at home to know it, since most of the interviewers will ask questions based on the project(s) you have done. If you think you cannot handle some subject, just remove it from your resume. After preparation of profile, you have to re-read it just to make sure you have expressed everything properly. This profile preparation is most important to get interview calls. Use decent fonts to write it, don’t make it colorful, but ensure that the content is clearly expressed.

Know some subjects: Amongst whatever you studied in college, you have to pick what subjects you like and you need to re-read and try to understand them, so that you can claim that you are good in some subjects during the interview. Try to have more discussion with likeminded people in all these subjects.

Start applying for job: After preparation you have to start applying for job through friends, jobs website, consultants (most of the consultants do not prefer freshers though). Remember, just because some of your friends are applying for a job without preparations doesn’t mean you need to do same. It is not how many calls you get from companies, it is how many interviews you have the capability to pass. Even if you get a few calls, you should aim to pass the interview and not fail. You have to spend more time in preparations (say 75% of your time) and only say, 25% time in job search.

Continue preparation: Once you apply for a job, continue preparations, check mails, talk to friends or people who work in a company in related jobs. Involve more in technical newsgroups and try to answer queries over there, you will learn more. Each and every topic you learn in books, try to discuss with friends to understand it better.

If you fail in an interview: Each time you fail in an interview, think that u need to prepare more and you should continue with the same confidence you had earlier. You need to sit and think what mistakes you did, you also need to discuss what happened with good friends, and they might identify what mistake you did it. Rectify it before the next interview. I have failed lot of interviews. Failure just indicates that you have not learnt enough to get a job; it doesn’t indicate that you will not get a job in your life.

Interact with good people: During the whole process always keep your morale high and keep your positive feelings elevated. If something negative happens during an interview that you cannot take it, speak to experienced people regarding this and they will put more confidence in you. You must search for this kind of people who inspire you during this whole process. Even if they are not known, may be they are far-friends, it doesn’t matter. If they are good, they are going to give good moral support to you. If you don’t get good people to give moral support for you, you must be very strong mentally to get back your confidence as it goes down with time due to circumstances. Have firm faith and Search it, you will get it.

Fear: Do not have any fear while talking in an interview, treat the other person as a friend and make sure you speak whatever you know; Fear is useless and it is false. Once you do the preparation, you just need to speak what you know, if you don’t know, accept it and you can continue. Some experienced people will show up by asking questions about what they know instead of keeping in mind that they are interviewing a fresher. you don’t need to care for that, if you fail in this type of interview, nothing to worry about just think that this person doesn’t know to interview fresher’s and try again in next company.

Search roommates for study: If you are staying in room or house, search for the people who like to study and like to have discussion of technical subjects. If you think your roommates are not studying, best option is to change the room itself. Unless you clear up the mess of the environment, it might disturb you when you want to study repeatedly. If you have a roommate who is mentally weak, again change the room for good. This is most important to keep up your josh. Although you can give a try by bringing them to a certain level by motivating them initially and if that doesn’t work, just move on. Either play a role in changing environment for the better, which is good all of your roommates OR you move out from that environment.