Cause of software Bugs

Bug’s creation happens in software due to ignorance. Ignorance can be from developers or technical leads or managers or big boss who is sitting in the top of hierarchy.

Developer ignorance

Less knowledge about technology: Developer will create most of the bugs due to their lack of knowledge in technologies. If they are developing systems product, they need to have knowledge about the operating system, programming language they use and the product they are going to build. If they are developing product, they need to know which problem they are solving and they should be aware of how there components or section of code is going to interact with other code.

Lack of interests in learning: Developers will fail to update themselves constantly based on the changes happens in industry, they will think whatever they learnt so far is enough for writing better code and end up in writing unreliable code in a product.

Problem solving skills: While solving problems developer do not try to see if there is better solution available to solve problem. Instead, they will just try to give solution based on what they already know or solving problem by copying code from internet without understanding what the whole code is doing.

No co-ordination between developers: No matter how strong your team in writing coding, if they don’t co-ordinate between themselves due to various individual factors, developer will be isolated and write code by imagining too many factors. During integration of code with other developer code team will face lot of problems, if there is no moderator available during integration of code who understands the whole system, integration might complete but system many not be reliable as expected due to less communication among the developers. Developers must understand the value of interaction during the development of system and value of team work.

Developers will be not look outside company: Most developers will not try building a technical network outside company for learning more from other experienced people. They don’t participate in other technical forums to interact with developers worldwide, instead they will try to write code whatever tasks given by the manager in a company and unaware of changes in industry. More they interact with experience developers, it will help in increasing the technical knowledge and it helps in writing better code.

Not asking for development tools: Developer must understand without development tools, they cannot improve the quality of the code. Along with coding skills, if they get supports from various development tools where it can identify many errors during run-time it will be helpful. Without proper development tools, developer can never write quality in code. Developer must demand for better tools from company.

Trusting own code too much: Developers often like to believe that they have written perfect code and they don’t test all possible test conditions. Developer is supposed to test all branches inside the code with the help of test cases, but they will test only few conditions and ignore the rest of the conditions. Due to this mind set run-time problems will be visible either in QA systems or customer system.

Why unit testing: Some developers feels that their code don’t need unit testing, when they modify few lines line and they will just upload the code to main code base. Instead each and every change they make, they are supposed to run tests in all related module.

Adding feature to unknown code: When a new developer wants to add a feature or a fix a bug in old code base, they will not try to understand the code base and discuss with the developer who are familiar with code base before changing, instead they will modify the code and see if that produces output, developer will update blindly the main code base.

Technical Lead, Manager and Big Boss Ignorance

Less respect for developer: Most of these people do not understand the value of developer. They will treat each developer as a resource (like a machine) and they will try to suck as much as work from developer. Knowledgeable developer needs respect and freedom to write a better quality of code or else he will leave the company.

Pushing developer for unrealistic dead-line: During the development of product, when it comes to giving dead-line, they will consider the feedback of the developer instead they themselves will give half of the time like if developer asks for 10 days for completing the task, manager will give 5 days to upper management just to show off that they can do the job in less time. Upper management will be happy too to release product in short time and they will commit to their customers. Upper management do not have any mechanism to verify if the deadline is realistic or not, instead they will trust the managers blindly. Due to this kind of approach, there will be more pressure on developer and finally they will give some working crap (code might work only in developer PC) to manager. Even the developer is aware to code something and fool their manager by giving a crap code and impress him, it’s like a fooling each other and producing unstable product. This type of dead-line often post phones the release of product.

Not allowing developer to go out to explore stuffs: Companies often do not send their development team for outside seminars, technical discussions, just because they want to save money on that and in resulting getting crap code and developers will be in a virtual world which makes them to feel that they know everything in technology.

No magazines, no society membership: Developers needs to have access to all kinds of quality information in the web and also they need to have access to all the technical magazines of the domain which company is working. Even if few people gets interests in reading and trying to applying in a work will have definitely advantage.

Big boss’s worry only about numbers: Most of the big bosses are out of touch to understand the value of ‘implementers” (or developers), they always talk in meeting that “I believe in you developers” etc.. all kinds of nice words, in reality most don’t respect developers. This can be due to their past experience may be non-technical. Only a developer can understand another developer in 99% of case. If developer senses this, they will not give there 100% to company.

Showing off the power: Often big people will always show off their power on developers and they will deal many things in non-transparent way. Most of the technical leads do not understand fundamentals of technology, but they will keep giving ideas for developer how to implement things which may not even practical. Instead of showing off power, they need to understand the developer mind-set and fundamentals of technology constantly. This will help technical lead to communicate to developer in more effective way and help them to produce better product.

Not knowing the value of Developer tools: Most of these people do not know the value of development tools. If they provide right tools for developer, they can produce better quality of code. Without knowing the value of these tools, many companies will not provide tools to developers and expect them to produce quality results. Cost cutting in a company should never happen if that is going to impact the quality of a product.

Making a developer slave: This will not work to get any quality code from developer. Developers will never give there 100% for bad manager. Unfortunately many managers still believe by controlling developer they can get work done. This will not work with developers who got skills to do their job better. Since, most company needs people who are skilled and they can move to other company easily.

Not knowing the value of environment: If company does investment in providing better environment for developers, it makes developers feel better and they will provide better quality of the code.

Building Respect: High level people in a company should build a respect within a company for their skills and their transparency in decisions making, instead of knowing only by designations. If developers think they are working for people who have skills in doing their job, they feel better and you can get better quality of code.