Fresher’s – Guidelines for career growth

Landing in job is not end; it is a beginning which you need to plan your carrier journey. You should not fly that you achieved something in life (although getting job is achievement, treat it as small), your actual life started only when you join the first job. Once you join you still need to continue studying to become better in your job.

Type of job: Do not expect the job to be interesting; most of the time it may not be so. If you are happy with the current type of work you are doing, by knowing your limitations, then focus on learning more in the same area. If you think you have more knowledge compared to the current work, you need to ask for a change in a project. If you don’t get it, just change the company. You need to remember that you should learn more, explore more to contribute to the growth of the company in the future. If you limit yourself by doing a job which doesn’t satisfy your hunger for knowledge, it is sin. Go for a change.

Interact with colleagues: Once you join a company, do not sit in a corner and think that all the people in the company are intelligent. You should interact with people around you and know them. As you interact more with them, you will have the idea how much a person knows about technology. If someone is good in technology, study more and discuss more with them. More you discuss technology with colleagues, more you will learn. Prepare a list of intelligent and dumb people around you and keep better relationship only if they are good at what they are doing.

Do not treat someone as superior: Do not treat any of your colleagues as superior to you. They are playing their role as an experienced person, and you are playing the role as a fresher. After sometime, you will be in that person’s level. Have respect for each person for playing their respective role and learn from each person.

Speak: If you think that just knowing technology will help you to grow, forget it. Once you have knowledge, you should also know how to express it to people. That’s where people will know your value. Anything you do, try to explain to people about what you have done with examples to convince them. Thinking people will respect silence, you are utterly wrong. At the same time, if you speak more than what you know, you will end up in going in wrong path and land in problems.

Have more plans for further learning: Once you join a job, you have to continue studying about technologies based on your interests. If you didn’t have an inclination towards study during college time it is due to bad lecturer, not because you hated subject. To increase your interests, you just need to search like-minded people who like to study similar subjects and team up with them and spend more of your free time in reading and experimenting in computer. Cultivating reading habit is mandatory and it is not choice for anyone. Initially you might find it difficult since you are changing your habit but once you have more people to discuss about the subject you can change the habit to read more. Doesn’t matter in which team you are in; if you want to grow successful, you must study and experiment. If you stop studying and experimentation, prepare for lots of problems in your career life. Identifying that you are stagnant take few years, but it will be too late to correct the mistakes.

Show interests to learn always and don’t be only after money: As a fresher, you must concentrate on increasing your technical skills. If you are just behind money, you cannot earn more than your pocket money. But, as you increase your knowledge and as you contribute to the company’s growth, you are going to get money automatically. Even after doing good work in a company, if you think you are not getting enough money, just ask the boss. If that doesn’t work and if you think you have more capability, you can change the job but don’t be underpaid at any cost. If you are underpaid, you will be always thinking of money and not knowledge and you will also learn to crib (borrow/cheat). Instead ask for money whatever you think it is worth and just concentrate on knowledge further. Goal is to think more about learning not money. Expect money to follow you and you follow the knowledge.

Take initiative: With fresh energy, you have to take more initiatives in learning more about the subject you like and try to build a technical network inside the company, as well as outside the company. This will help in increasing your knowledge and confidence. Do not restrict yourself to be known within the company for your knowledge. If you want to keep yourself updated about the industry, you need to interact with outside people who are in your own domain (interests).

Share knowledge: Whatever you learn, you must have an inclination towards sharing. If you don’t share, never ever expect yourself to learn more in future. You will become another dumb. The More you share, the more your knowledge multiplies. It will help you to understand the topic better. More questions you answer to people, you will have the advantage in knowing the subject better. Take initiative to help others. Don’t wait for your boss to say it to you. If you wait, you are the looser and you will realize this only later.

Designation is not important: Designation is not important, do not value it personally. What kind of role you play in the company is most important. If you have knowledge, you can get any designation you want in the future. The Designation is used just to show off outside the company and this doesn’t add much value to your growth. Avoid show off, unless you are really capable in playing that role. Unfortunately most of the company says, designation is not important but when it comes to showing off power among colleagues, they use it. But, this mind-set doesn’t work for long, it is only temporary. Use your skills as a tool to grow. The desired designation, you can get either in the current company or in the next company.

Don’t worry about politics: People worry about this most of the time as they grow. As long as you have knowledge to do the job, you don’t need to worry. No politics will work against you. Even if it works, it is only temporary. Ultimate win is yours. If you don’t get justice for the work you do due to politics, try to talk to people in the current company OR change the job.

Work for a company not for Manager: Most % of the people leave the job because of bad manager, but they still like company. This happens due to the hidden games played by the manager due to their ignorance. Best option is, “work for the company”. If you think, what you know is best in the interests of company, justify it to your manager and to the people around you and try to implement it. Each and every person in the company is learning including your manager. So try to speak out openly and try to know what he thinks about particular topic. The More feedback you give, the better it is for you, your manager and your company. If nobody gives any feedback to the company, you can assume that company is losing time. After trying several times to convince your manager, if you think nothing is being implemented, change the team if you think there is another manager in the company who is more open or change the company.

Manage your fears: Each and every one who is working has fears about their job. As you get more experience you have to reduce this fear by increasing knowledge (No other way), even if you make more money, fear does not go. Nobody can steal your knowledge, but people can steal your money. Talk fearlessly with people around you, there are no reasons to have fear if you are doing your job properly. If you have more fear even after working for many years either you didn’t acquire knowledge or you mind is lying to you.

Don’t doubt yourself: Verifying yourself what you know is always good. But, you should not blindly doubt yourself. Be confident and try to think carefully what mistakes you have made. If you have really done a mistake, try to correct it or just ignore if it is not a mistake.

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